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Medical ID Card: Overview  
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The Power Builder Medical ID card contains a printed summary of a member’s Life Alert data: account number, name and address. To protect each member’s privacy, the Power Builder card does not store any other data (that is, there are no storage chips built into the card).

The card is designed to be carried by each Life Alert member at all times. It is about the size of a credit card, and hence fits easily in a wallet or purse.

The Power Builder card acts as a medical ID, allowing emergency responders or hospital doctors to get more info about a Life Alert member simply by calling Life Alert’s 800 number, which is listed on the card. Calling this number immediately puts a responder or doctor in touch with the 24-hour Life Alert Dispatch Center, which can provide important information about the member in question.

While Life Alert members can at times provide information about themselves when talking to an EMT or doctor, they may not know all of the pertinent data needed at that time. Also, there are emergencies in which a member becomes unconscious or unable to speak. In all these scenarios, the Power Builder Medical ID card becomes an invaluable and potentially lifesaving tool.





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