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POWER BUILDER™: Service by Life Alert

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One of the many benefits of being a member of Life Alert is the Power Builder™ medical ID card.  Each member’s card is a link to unique and essential data about that member. In the event an emergency strikes, the card enables emergency responders or doctors at a hospital to quickly obtain member information, which can impact what treatments they can or cannot provide for that patient.

The Power Builder card provides unique benefits: 

  1. Building Power to Life Alert members: Once an emergency signal comes in, Life Alert has all the necessary emergency information instantly.  It makes it easier for Life Alert to instantly summon the right help appropriate for the emergency, provide directions and critical health data if needed.


  1. Building Power to Emergency Personnel: In many emergency cases the members are unconscious or cannot speak.  They are unable to communicate about their allergic reactions, family history and other information that can affect the type of treatment they should receive.  The Power Builder card allows emergency personnel to quickly receive the necessary health information.  Armed with this critical data, the medical professionals have the power to save members’ lives by acting in the quickest and most effective way possible.


The Power Builder medical ID card is provided free to each member after signing up for Life Alert service.






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