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Medical ID Card: Frequently Asked Questions  
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Q. Is there a cost involved in getting the Power Builder ID card?
A. No. The card is a free benefit for all members of Life Alert.

Q. Do I need to do anything to get the Power Builder ID card?
A. No, nothing beyond the normal sign up process for new Life Alert members.

Q. What happens if I lose my Power Builder ID card?
A. Just call Life Alert and you will be sent a replacement card.

Q. Should I carry my Power Builder ID card at all times?
A. Ideally, yes. If you suffer an emergency, emergency responders or doctors may need the information on your ID card, which would be quickly accessible if you are carrying it in a pocket or purse.

Q. Do I need to laminate my Power Builder ID card?
A. No, it is a hard card, about the same size and thickness as a credit card.

Q. Do I need to have the ID card with me in order to signal Life Alert for help?
A. No. Whenever you need to contact Life Alert, simply press your pendant. The Life Alert dispatcher who answers your signal has all your relevant information in their system.

Q. In what situations will the Power Builder ID card be used?
A. The ID card is primarily utilized during emergencies, when the Life Alert member is no longer at home – for example, when a third party (EMT, doctor, etc.) is either transporting you away from home or treating you at a location outside your home. If a Life Alert member is sent to the hospital, the paramedics in the ambulance and/or the doctor in the emergency room can use the ID card to call Life Alert, give the member’s account number, and find out the member’s specific medical needs and other relevant data. This information can, in certain cases, prevent the wrong medication from being administered, or lead to other actions that may save a member’s life.





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